Since 1971

The Wonder Meats brand has been serving our unique blends of ground beef and hamburgers to the tri-state area for over 40 years. We are committed to offering our customers products that suit their every need.

Farm to Table

Our Grass Fed beef comes from Joyce Farms, a family run operation, in Winston-Salem, NC.  Aberdeen Angus cattle pasture raised with no pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones.

Only the Best Ingredients

Our Kobe Beef comes from Premier Proteins. Leaders in processing American Kobe/Wagyu Beef using traditional feeding methods brought over from Japan.

What We Do:

Flavor, Consistency, and Overall Excellence

Our beef hamburgers are the result of an old-fashioned process—we use small batches of meat in a low-pressure chopping machine to ensure the highest quality taste, texture, and tenderness.

Ground Beef and Hamburgers

We offer many different blends of beef to suit any circumstance. Our most common blends feature an 80/20 lean to fat ratio, and are made fresh in a state of the art vacuum packing that ensures a 21 day shelf life from packaging. We offer other blends and packaging as requested.

Blends Available:

  • 75/25
  • 80/20
  • 85/15
  • 90/10

Packaging Available:

  • Roll Stock (Vacuum Packaged)
  • Poly Bag
  • Layer Packed

Our Offerings

Our wide variety of blends offer our customers a competitive edge in the market.

Steak Burger – Fresh steak trimmings from 100% domestic cattle

Special Blend Burger – Proprietary recipe from primal cuts of 100% domestic beef

Angus Burger – Straight Chop of 100% Domestic Black Angus Beef

Grass Fed Burger – Joyce Farm’s pasture raised 100% domestic beef

Brisket Blend Burger – 50/50 blend Brisket & Chuck from 100% domestic beef

Halal Burger – Halal certified 100% domestic beef

Kobe Burger – Straight chop of 100% Wagyu Cattle

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